A Month of Decking

If there is one thing us Minnesotan’s have come to terms with when living in this state.  It is the highly unpredictable weather.  And this year mother nature showed no mercy extending our winter right through our spring.  Our team had plenty of outdoor jobs just waiting for that spring thaw.  And when the spring thaw finally came we had a month of deck projects.

We decided to feature two decking projects our team did in conjunction with each other on the same lake.  Our first project was one that required some exceptional planning and preparation.  Owners were in need of an addition to their pre-existing deck that would accommodate for wheelchair accessibility.  The new decking on top level allowed for a wheelchair to get access to an elevator that would be able to lift individual to lower level deck in which our team built another set of wheelchair accessible decks to allow access to boat launch and view of lake.  It was an extreme honor to help this family out with this huge project.

Our second project we spent building new steps with two landings to lower level deck on lake.  We used Treks decking and fascia as well as Westbury Aluminum Railing and solar light caps for a final touch.

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